About The Journal

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Chinese Journal of MechanicalEngineering (CJME) was launched in 1988. It is apeer-reviewed journal under the govern of China Association for Science andTechnology (CAST) and sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES).


Asthe only official journal of CMES, CJME  has been oneof the top journals in Mechanical Engineering in China, aiming to become aworld-class one. On behalf of CMES, CJME serves for international communicationamong over 80 international societies/institutions, such as American Society ofMechanical Engineers (ASME), Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE),and International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science(IFToMM).

CJME  welcomes original research articles, reviews, letters,research highlights, and editorials.


The publishing scopes of CJME follow with:

- Mechanismand Robotics, including but not limited to

-- Innovative Mechanism Design

-- Mechanical Transmission

-- Robot Structure Design and Control

-- Applications for Robotics (e.g., Industrial Robot, Medical Robot,Service Robot…)

-- Tri-Co Robotics

- IntelligentManufacturing Technology, including but not limited to

-- Innovative Industrial Design

-- Intelligent Machining Process

-- Artificial Intelligence

-- Micro- and Nano-manufacturing

-- Material Increasing Manufacturing

-- Intelligent Monitoring Technology

-- Machine Fault Diagnostics and Prognostics

- AdvancedTransportation Equipment, including but not limited to

-- New Energy Vehicle Technology

-- Unmanned Vehicle

-- Advanced Rail Transportation

-- Intelligent Transport System

- Ocean Engineering Equipment,including but not limited to

-- Equipmentfor Deep-sea Exploration

-- AutonomousUnderwater Vehicle

- SmartMaterial, including but not limited to

-- SpecialMetal Functional Materials

-- Advanced Composite Materials

-- Material Forming Technology